Early Versions:

The early versions of my GDAX trader were not the prettiest, but did provide a lot of information. The GDAX website is my first exposure to this (or any) type of trading. They provide a simple to use nodejs API to that interacts with their trading system. You can place buy and sell orders, watch live charts, and using their sister site coinbase you can hold your crypto in their wallet. There are also other options like Exodus, kraken, bittrex, etc.




Current Version:

The current version of Gdax Crypto Trader has more advanced features.

  • Order Statuses
  • Order Profiles (CRUD)
  • Indicators
  • Graphs
  • Auto Betting
  • Auto Stop
  • Graphing (in the works)

Other features that carried over from earlier versions

  • Position Valuation with current market and order cashout
  • Current Crypto Value
  • Account Balance (USD & Crypto)