The Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude! Ahhh what a classic example of a bloated, overloaded sports coupe. This car was great, Honda did a wonderful job making it fun to drive and easy to work on while maintaining an outstanding aesthetic. That being said, there is a reason the Prelude is no longer made, and that is because this thing had become a beast. Over the 5 generations that this vehicle was made, Honda couldn’t resist adding features. Just look at the 4th generation, it had 4 wheel steering, yes 4 wheel steering! Beyond Honda’s ability to maintain a clean product line this page is a homage to Honda and my Prelude.

My Honda Prelude after a nice bath

At the time I owned this vehicle, my technical capabilities were, to say the least, limited. It also didn’t help that my pocket book, was shall I say, smaller. I believe it was due to these factors, that this vehicle didn’t see too many modifications, and the ones that were done, didn’t dig too deep into the guts of the car.

AEM Cold Air Intake
Type SH!
Once upon a time…
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