Video Organizer is a custom piece of software that I created to help manage digital movie collections. Here is a list of the best features of Video Organizer:

  • Loads Libraries spanning multiple different types of sources
  • Can sort your videos based on many different criteria
  • Derives useful information about your library such as the total number of videos, largest file, smallest file, etc…
  • Pulls relevant movie information from IMDB
  • Can create an html index (visual) for perusing your media collection.

Fun fact:

IMDB has regularly blocked crawlers/parsers for a very long time. Video Organizer existed before IMDB had an official API and used parsing methods that needed regular updating due to IMDBs continually evolving product infrastructure. Nowadays, IMDB will block ip addresses that are accessing vast amounts of information without using their official API.

YouTube How To: How to use Video Organizer

Github Link: Video Organizer

Google Code Link: Video Organizer