pfSensor is a server based network utility with a web frontend. This allows any device with a web browser to initiate network scans, view results, and perform actions on the network. The original intent was to allow users to modify settings on their pfSense firewall, but this has become an optional configuration parameter. If you do have a pfSense box on your network, enabling this functionality will allow pfSensor the ability to add and remove IP addresses from predefined aliases. This makes it easy to block or allow devices access to certain network resources on the fly.

To get pfSensor connected to pfSense, you will need to setup the pfSense FAUX API by ndejong and obtain both an API Key and an API Secret. Once the FAUX API has been setup, you can enter those two credentials as environment variables for docker, or on the CLI if you are manually installing pfSensor.

You can view the docker here.